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How To Behave With An Escort?

When you pay for an escort, you pay for their service but not the person. Even if they are obliged to give you the company, does not mean that they will tolerate you bad behaviour as it is only their job and they can quit anytime. You need to keep in mind that escorts like to be respected as normal human beings and not to be looked down as prostitutes because they offer a lot more than mere sexual pleasures. So next time when you date an escort and have no clue about how to behave with them, here are a few tips.

Have an informal greet when you meet

Remember that when you meet an escort in a hotel, you are not greeting a service provider, you are meeting a woman. Try to be casual with her while greeting. Do not make the mistake of shaking hands like it is a business deal. Approach the girl with a hug and ask her if she faces any trouble while coming, like how you would ask any other woman. If you shake hands and straightaway lead her to your room, it would get awkward for her when people are looking. Make it look like you know the woman already and she came to visit you, this will protect her dignity in front of other people and she will appreciate it.

Do not ask her things about your deal until you find the privacy

Do not make your meeting public. After you greet her, walk together to a much private place where you can discuss the business first hand. Do not stand in between a crowd and start sorting out the money. The hotel restaurant is a good place to sit down take care of such things. If that does not work out for you, even your hotel room would be nice, but definitely avoid the drama in public.

Do not reject the girl outside

You do not have to be an angry and desperate person while dealing with an escort you did not ask for. You can always be polite and take her away in private and tell her that you had other things in mind and would not like to proceed any further. You can take her to your room to further solve the issue and confusion. It would be nice if you offer her a taxi back home. The Escorts do not usually have the information of their clients, they are just told to go to places by their agents and might be equally upset that she found the wrong client. Try to deal with it in a mature way, and learn to say no in a polite manner.

Decide on a phone call on how and where to meet

Take the phone number of the girl from her agent and talk to her personally. Decide on the venue and time to meet up. Talk about the plans you have for the evening and how you will be proceeding things. Have a dress code to recognize each other easily in public. Meet at the right time to avoid any confusion and keep everything discreet and professional.