Choosing a High Class Escort

An escort of high-end quality is more discrete and sophisticated than a standard one. Regular escorts only speak basic English and Dutch however, high-end escorts can speak fluent English and Dutch and frequently speak multiple languages. The Internet is a great resource to begin your search for an escort. There are many high-class escorts who can communicate in several languages and have a well-written biography.

= , an escort and author, started her own escort company of high-end, Samantha X Angels, after she was bored of her low-paying job. She is now the owner of a highly successful escort company, Samantha X Escorts, that specializes in providing luxurious escort services for celebrities and high-class clients.

High-class escorts can be highly regarded, but they prefer to reserve their services at least a few days in advance. Since these escorts usually have other obligations, it is unlikely that they’ll take more than one booking per night or more than two bookings per week. Elite escorts tend to be discreet in how they dress and dress for special occasions.

The most typical characteristics of escorts of the highest quality are beauty, intelligence, and an aura of confidence. They are more likely to be addicted to drugs, have financial difficulties or suffer from post-traumatic stress due to early addiction. Ordinary prostitutes are often run by criminal organizations as well as ruthless pimps. High-class escorts can choose their contract and are very selective in selecting their partners.